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    What ideas can you think of that forces you to embrace the suck and get out of comfort zone? Can be physical or non-physical.

    Here are some I thought of:

    -getting a job
    -cleaning dirty restroom
    -learning something complex, difficult or boring (knot tying, coding, welding course in college)
    -overcoming fear of heights (skydiving, bungee jumping)
    -rope climbing
    -getting comfy with animals you don’t like for (barking hound, bull wrestling in mud, pig sty..)
    -overcoming phobia such as snakes, spiders, bugs or darkness (scotophobia)
    -public speaking (supposedly no.1 fear!)
    -confronting/approaching an owner or person in charge regarding problem instead of online review
    -fixing something from as simple as oil change of car/tire change to lawnmower..

    Feel free to add more.

    • Get up early – an hour before you normally would, take a cold shower – best mode, and don’t forget to drink a glass of water. For me, the cold shower is the major such. Followed closely by the fact that I am up by 4:30 and in the shower by 4:45.