• Todd Gindlesperger posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    To Mark Divine and the Sealfit Staff,
    I’ve decided it’s time to convey my gratitude for sharing the products you have created to provide a path to wellness. I just turned 56. I live in Colorado and enjoy archery hunting for elk. A friend and I have hunted the same area for nearly 20 years. We hunt this area because it’s not easy to access which tends to keep the hunting pressure down. We backpack in and our packs always weigh between 65 and 70lbs. We only hike two miles but the last part of the pack is a 1000’ incline in a .50 mile. Two years ago I began training a couple of months in advance for the pack. I stumbled across “8 Week to Sealfit” , read the book and decided to buy “Grinder PT” and purchase the “Elite” membership. I thought, “This is what I need to get me in shape.” I wasn’t able to come close to completing the “Elite” training so I strictly focused on “Grinder PT.” I had completely under estimated how out of shape I was. On top of that, I hadn’t started preparation far enough in advance. When the time came for the pack, I solidly confirmed that my concern was well founded. I arrived at camp nearly two hours after my friends. It was the first time in my life I felt as though I might be getting too old for that kind of activity; I might be done. I kept telling myself that I didn’t want these types of experiences to end. That experience was my wake up call. That fall and winter I continued using “Grinder PT” on a regular basis. I didn’t even look at the “Elite WOD’s.” (I would attempt the “Masters” WODs when I should have been focusing on “Onramp”) That winter (2019) I decided to start playing hockey again. I hadn’t played in fifteen years but it felt great to get on the ice again and made me want to get in better shape that much more. In May of 2019 I purchased “Bootcamp.” I was determined to complete the entire training program. I did so, just before the 2019 archery hunt for elk. This time, I was prepared not only physically, but mentally with the training I feel I received from all of the Sealfit tools. My pack weighed right at 70lbs. I walked into camp with my friend. He commented on the huge difference. I felt tapped but I also felt invigorated. I train nearly every day using a combination of “OPWOD” and “Masters WOD” training depending on how much time I have and how the body feels. I feel better and am better than I have been in a long time. I’m grateful to all of you for your spirit of drive, toughness, resilience etc. Last week I completed my weekly work out and decided on Saturday I’d give the “Monster Mash” a go. I completed half of it in a little over an hour’s time. Though I know this performance doesn’t come anywhere close to what elite athletes/warriors can accomplish regardless of age, for me it was a milestone; proof to myself regardless of how much my I wrestle the “suck” to quit, that I have the ability to press on. For me completing half of a Monster Mash is something I can take pride in. When it was completed, I felt a strong need to share my gratitude to you and what you do. You have made me better. The wild part of this is the longer I train the more intense I get and the more I see how much I need to improve. My overhead squat and anything to do with a snatch is downright dangerous, but it’s coming. I don’t train anymore because of hunting or hockey. I train because I want to feel strong, healthy, and prepared for whatever life might bring. Thanks to all of you, my motto is now simply, “Fit For Life.” This is a long winded way to say thank you, Mark and Team, for giving me new life. I wish you all the very best in yours. Hooyah!
    Kindest Regards,
    Todd G.

    • This is inspiring. I will be in 55 in August. I also felt in shape until I started some of these workouts…..

      Keep up the good work

      • You do the same, Jeff. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I’m sure it is for you too. Hang tough and stay healthy.