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    Tyre flip is a strongman movement, its dynamic and involves hip extension, core to extremity power production, and if done for multiple reps involves intermittent power endurance/production.
    From this perspective anything that involves what is mentioned above is appropriate as your body wont know its not doing a tyre flip, think KB swings,…[Read more]

  • Daniel,

    The schedule I see for the strength elements are Backsquat, Deadlift, Push Press, Bench Press.
    So it depends how you define what is upper/lower/full body.
    As these are all compound movements, a case could be made they are all full body. But usually, in a lot of powerlifting templates, the backsquat and deadlift are lower body, bench…[Read more]

  • Josh,

    I’m not a coach, but can offer some advice so you can better plan your micro schedule,, as I’ve faced similar hurdles.

    Grinder PT is a great tool to workout. I like it because it offers flexibility.

    So if you want to execute a grinderPT workout, then it depends what your intention is.
    If you want to ‘recover’ then i’d use it before…[Read more]

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    This is just a suggestion, but books that have had great influence over me are

    1) Paleo diet for athletes
    2) Warrior Diet
    3) Biohackers handbook for nutrition

    This will cover your diet, how to eat, when to eat and why to eat like. These 3 books cover about 90%+ of what I base my nutrition on currently.

    In terms of healing your body, a book…[Read more]

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    From what I’ve picked up from SF Coaches ect

    Ideal scenario: Do the OPWOD start to finish
    If out of time, cut away durability or scale/cut away stamina.
    If you have to break it up into two sessions AM: Benchmark, strength, stamina, PM: Benchmark, WC, durability
    If you need to further break it up: Monday: Benchmark, strength, stamina, Tuesday:…[Read more]

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    No worries Brian, I hope it helps and Good luck for the holiday/race.

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    I know you’re doing a half marathon, so that will dictate your training a month out. This period is highly race specific, so your ‘long run’ will have a large say in your training.
    You want your longest run 3 weeks out before the race, and then you start tapering from there. The week before the race is a de-load.

    For example, for my…[Read more]