• Theodore Alkousakis posted an update in the group Group logo of The GrinderThe Grinder 5 years, 9 months ago

    Here was my PT Grinder we did down at the track after some sled push suicides:
    10x 4 count mountain climber burpees (down to high plank, 4 count, jump up)
    10x back rack squat jumps with sand bag
    20x push ups
    20 x 2 count leg levers
    15x burpees
    15x (jump) pull ups
    15x box jumps (on to bleacher)
    20x sand bag thrusters
    20x narrow push ups
    20x speed jump rope
    It’s a variation on the one in 8 weeks. Ran there with the 40# sand bag and a jump rope. Can’t get through twice in under 20 yet like the original. Need to shave off 1.5 min.