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    I have a question to ask who ever it may concern, I actually should not even be in this program, I am 17 years old, I have no upper body strength, I can’t lift weights, can’t do any push ups or pull ups, but I can do swimming and sit ups and everything else, I can run, but the problem is that I want to take the PST, next year and I want to start training from this year, the problem is that I worked out using YouTube, and it was no help, I can’t afford to have a gym trainer to help me with my situation, that’s why I came across this website, I want to be in the Seals, I want to go to the BUDs and experience all the limitations and potential I have. What would you recommend a kid, who has no upper body strength, but want to do something about it, and my goal is to get a good score on the PST, by next year, how do I push my self, and test my limitations and potential? Because, I tried everything I could have by myself, which there was no trainer involved and I watch YouTube and try doing push ups and pull ups, but it’s just too hard, that’s why I came into this program. I want to learn the skills, on how to get started on building my strength, and then how I can then test my limitations, because I want to test my limitations. Because, what our brains tells us, is not what that tests the limitations, you have to keep on grinding, which I will do, but I need your help and advice

    • Start with the bootcamp program. It’s a great starting point. Keep working at it until you’re ready to move onto the next programs. There is great instruction on there and they provide progressions for exercises you can’t do as prescribed. The key is consistency.