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    Hello, I would want to ask about the, how do you go through the whole BUDs training? Like dealing with the Hell Week, the carrying logs for hours, swimming at night, because a lot of trainees get hypothermia, the 6 people carrying the boat on their head with a helmet? I actually should not even be in this Sealfit Membership, I am only 17, I will to take the PST, next year and hopefully score a higher score. What would you recommend for me, I want to be strong and mentally prepared, a kid with no upper body strength, and YouTube doesn’t help at all. How do I actually push myself to my limits and potentials? Knowing that being in any military unit, you need body strength and are Mentally strong. And what is it like, doing more than what you can do, how do you build that endurance to test your limits and potentials? I actually don’t have any upper body strength, so I can’t do any push ups or pulls ups, I can swim and do sit ups, and I can’t lift weights, how do I start developing the skills to get stronger, and then test my limits on how much I can do and what I else can do, in one year.