• I have not registered for it yet. I will be registering in the next couple of days after I get all my things packed for the move. I’m still between the 20x or 20xl. Also, if I order the plain white t-shirts from sealfit, do I need to get them stenciled myself?

  • Whenever I try to click the OPWOD link on the website nothing happens. I’ve tried it several times. I am moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Scottsdale, Arizona July 1st for graduate school. I am still considering becoming an Officer in the military. I get married in September, and it all depends on what events happen within the next 1.5 to 2 years.…[Read more]

  • Excited to be a new member of the SEALFIT team!

    Just started the program Monday (06/24/19).

    First PST
    Push-ups: 70 (nose-to-floor)
    Sit-ups: 52 (hands touching shoulders)
    Air Squats: 67 (~90 degrees)
    Pull-ups: 27 (dead hang)
    Burpees: 21

    Did durability before run… wasn’t sure if that was correct.

    1 mile run: 6:02

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