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    Having issues with double-unders. I do OK doing singles during the SEALFIT Bootcamp and “8 Weeks to SEALFIT” WODs but struggle with double-unders. As of now, I can do two singles to every double-under but have not yet been able to double-unders in any consecutive fashion. Any tips on how to get to the point where I can do double-unders consecutively such as doing 5-10 double- unders with no mistakes in between?

    • What made all the difference for me was “penguin jump” drills (jump and clap your thighs twice in the air) until the rhythm is second nature. Hold the rope handles way lower (just the very bottom between thumb and index). I do better with hands slightly forward and out for some reason as opposed to traditional pinned to sides. Make sure you are on a hard surface (the audio feedback of the rope hitting really helped me). Then push yourself. Commit to 2, 5, 10 or whatever unbroken every day and just practice at the end of your work out till you get them. I did better stringing together when tired. Do a daily challenge (start 1, then 2 etc and see how high you can go getting as many unbroken on that day till you hit goal. Gets hard after 15 when can add 20 minutes to work out of failed attempts). That’s what did it for me. I can string 15 together easy now and feel good if I hit 25. Goal is to get to 35 every time and then 50. unbroken until second nature or as easy as singles. Good luck!

      • Appreciate the pointers. Just to clarify on your comment on holding the rope handles, by holding the handles way lower you mean that you are holding the handles towards the point where the rope interfaces with the handles?

        • No, I mean as far from the rope as possible(often there’s a little knob), then really use the wrists to whip it around. Almost feels like tapping a drum stick with some rotation. That’s my best description.

      • Update: The penguin clap helped a lot. Last week, I was able to get up to 46 reps, unbroken. Even when I’m tired or sore, I’ve still been able to string together 10-20 double-unders.