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  • Today’s work capacity exercise says do 10x power cleans ever 3m. How many sets. Or is it as many as I can every 3 minutes. For 10x or about 30minutes????

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    Nicolas, I can’t speak for the coaches but everyday I do what I can early in the morning but I have family snd work and other obligations so I finish the work outs in the evening. I’m still learning the routine.

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    Read book of Philippines this morning: desiring to have my mind like Christ. Being a servant and walk with others in their desire to know Jesus.
    Memorizing Book of 1 Peter with family and workout at the same time. It’s invigorating.
    76 sit-ups 2 minutes
    75 push-ups in 2 minutes
    65 squats. I’m weak here
    15 pull-ups

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    Is this where I can ask questions? Or make journal notes?