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    Can anyone provide details on the weight of your ruck during Kokoro? Just want to ensure I’m training with sufficient weight
    Thanks all – looking forward to Kokoro in October

    • I trained with 25lbs for Murph a few times at home which was a good plan since you’ll end up with much more most of the evolutions. It did not occured to me how much water and food I’d be forced to carry in addition to the 20lbs sand bag. For Murph per say it was ”only” 20lbs. I would also suggest to train without the hip belt.

    • Metric your pack real simply by packing a ruck for a 48 or 72 hour backpacking trip. Do a couple short day hikes with your pack on. Occasionally alter the weight around to get used to how your pack feels under different weights and while contents shift. By experiencing changes in both mass and weight of your ruck you will really be able to tune in what your rucking ability and where you want to be, and how you feel when items are added or removed from your pack.