James Salerno

  • ok, here it goes…….this may surprise many but it works for me because I believe………..

    “I got this, easy day (from the Cmdr.) I AM THE SMARTEST/TOUGHEST PERSON I KNOW…..I CAN DO THIS…!!!!!!!
    OK, that is my daily mantra. I have to believe/respect in myself before I can lead the group.There is no arrogance in my mantra, I work 24/7…[Read more]

  • Monday 11/28/2017 did the following PST standards:
    15 situps (on machine to hold feet down, used handle to pull up on many of them)
    15 pushups (not chest to floor but mostly at least 1/2 way down)
    64 squats (used medicine ball to verify going low enough)
    20 sec hand (no pushups – yet!)
    7:30 run on elliptical machine (way too fast as I run about 1…[Read more]