Etienne Tremblay

  • Hi,
    I have been doing Crossfit WOD at my box regularly (3x/week) since last fall, but I want to get back to a more organized strength based planning such as Sealfit. I am planning on doing the Masters WOD (limited in time) for the rest of April to end of June and then jump into OPWOD mode for the summer.
    Which date does the current cycle starts…[Read more]

  • Hi coach Mel, thank you for your comment! Weighted Murph time non partionned was 1:12:49 hr back in early October, I was pretty stoked about that. I’m starting to seriously think about Kokoro 47 next Oct. but cannot commit for the moment.

  • New Year’s Eve PST!
    I am 37 y.o., a graduate from the Basic Training Certification (Dec. 2015) and a 20X Challenge (May 2016).
    Pushups: 73
    Sit ups (PST style, feet anchored with 15# DBs): 60
    Air squat: 98
    Max pull ups: 19
    1 mile run (pants and boots, winter conditions, -11 deg. Cel./ 12 Far.): 8:03 min

    Happy New Year!