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    Feeling a little tired and overtrained between work and ramping up on personal training. Started this week with a little departure and revisited a classic crossfit WOD

    This mornings WOD 535am

    Baseline 10 min warm up on stationary bike, stretching with broomstick, SOP (box breathing, visualization – ramp up)

    Angie (crossfit WOD)Work Capacity: for time

    100 pull ups (scaled) } longest of 4 exercises to reach
    100 push up } hardest to reach of 4 exercises
    100 air squats
    100 sit ups (butterfly)

    28 minutes
    ** Pull ups were scaled on pull up machine, 130# counterweight. Varied hand positioning close grip, wide grip pull ups, Chin ups, and commando style. Chipped away until I reached 100 reps. Higher counterweight to condition tendons and ligaments

    Additional core strength
    4 Rounds 10 reps of Russian twists @ 45# on oly bar

    Durability : To follow later in the day. Icing, stretching