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    Just realised this group exists. What a nice surprise! I’ve been doing the WODs on and off for a few years. My recent return about 2 months ago feels different. Mind and body are stronger than ever after a few challenging years. On Onramp at the moment, 4 days a week. I also run and do yoga and martial arts. Masters in exercise and sport psychology. The challenging years prompted a lot of introspection. Doing the WODs these days is a godsend. I show up to the gym or home gym, open my phone, and just do what I’m told. No thinking, just doing then letting it all go. This is what’s different this time. No tracking of data or personal bests, no trying to shift a mental state, no aim to comoete, no goal other than show up, focus on technique, and give it my all. These training hours have become precious personal time I look forward to. Thank you to the team who write the workouts!

    • Life can be challenging, and we can get off track due to many things. I can relate to this and the fact I had to get re-motivated to get back to function. Martial Arts was the main reason for the pursuit of functional fitness. Take each rise from the bed as an opportunity of “I get to train, I get to do this!”

      • Thanks for your kind comment Cody. That advice is spot on! All the best with your training. I can see from your posts you’re crushing it!