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Question about \"partner workouts.\"

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    Richard Vernetti

    Hey guys,
    I just had a quick question regarding how to conduct a work capacity session with a partner. Do you simply divide the total number of reps in half between you and your partner? For example, in the work capacity session listed below, would each of you complete only 50 reps for a total of 100? Or do you both complete 100 total reps each. Thanks guys!

    Work Capacity: With a partner, complete the following for time:

    100x wallball (20#/14#)
    200m run with medicine ball
    100x sandbag cleans (60#/40#)
    200m run with sandbag
    100x weighted sit ups (45#/25#)
    200m run with bumper plate


    A few ways to do this.

    1 is divide the load both work at the same time.

    2 is to divide the load and one partner rests while the other partner goes till failure.

    3 both work at the same time if one partner is stronger they can do more reps if they pull ahead.

    typically the WOD will specify.

    Richard Vernetti

    Thanks Coach!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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