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How to incorporate Grinder PT to other training

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    Josh MIlls

    Hi Coaches:

    I am looking for guidance on how to incorporate Grinder PT into my current schedule:
    Monday: 4 mile run at “conversational pace” aka slow
    Tuesday: SDTC Timed Interval Training Carlsbad Village i.e. 6 x 800 or 3 x 1000 meters
    Weds: Spin at 24
    Thursday: Weight training
    Friday: 10 or 11 mile run at “conversational pace” (I did 9 yesterday vice Friday. Meant to run 10. Misrememberd the course.)
    Saturday: open
    Sunday: Pool swim mixed routine w/o

    I decided to start Grinder PT because I’d like to work up to doing WODs. Should I do grinder PT every other day? I did Session 1 last Thursday night. I have a good deal of work to match CDR Divine’s tempo and form.

    My goal is to increase my mental and physical endurance, conditioning and when I get a free hour, to paddle out and not be exhausted from just paddling out to catch a few waves.



    Tim Casey


    I’m not a coach, but can offer some advice so you can better plan your micro schedule,, as I’ve faced similar hurdles.

    Grinder PT is a great tool to workout. I like it because it offers flexibility.

    So if you want to execute a grinderPT workout, then it depends what your intention is.
    If you want to ‘recover’ then i’d use it before your LSD recovery runs or on recovery days and go at 70% RPE.
    If you want to hit your P/E aka WC fitness, then i’d do it after (or before depending on what your intention is) your weight training or on a ‘hard day’ and go all out.

    Hope it helps

    Alec Barnett

    I’m still in high school,so training for football, wrestling, and track are my priorities. I will typically have 2 or 3 workouts a day depending on what time of year it is. Football off-season overlaps wrestling season so I will usually have a lift in the morning before school, sprint and agility drills during 8th period, and then wrestling practice after school. Throughout the year, there are times when I will only get 1 workout in the day and have to find a way to get another one in, and Grinder PT has helped tremendously. I bought it about 2 years ago and use it over holidays, travels, or whenever I get the chance. Today, I was kind of feeling down on myself (probably due to some events that have happened recently), but I still committed to training and opened up Grinder PT. After doing it so many times, I’m still surprised that everytime I do it, I get a different interpretation of the workout itself, but I’ve always walked away from it knowing that I got better.

    I try to incorporate the “Big 4” into literally almost everything that I do, and football, track, and wrestling have been excellent templates to do so. With the structure of Grinder PT, the positivity and reminders to breath through the workout, I’m able to effectively practice the Big 4. These workouts have definitely been more than just a workout and even though the lactic acid will build up in my legs, my breath will get heavy, and I may start to shake, I always finish feeling energized and focused. Being able to practice the Big 4 with such a template has increased my ability to lead, to focus, to breath, and to stay positive in all areas of my life and after opening up “The Test” today, I was reminded of how much I have improved over the past 2 year and I was able to take control of my attitude and confidence.

    For some of you who cross train or do sports and need to boost your physical performance, mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and spiritual connection, How has Grinder PT benefited you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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