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Footwear for WODs

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    Richard Vernetti

    Since all WODs involve running of some sort (at least 1 mile+), but many also involve Olympic Style lifts, what is the most appropriate footwear for doing them? I have read that conventional running shoes are a poor choice for lifts due to rise and heel height, but that lifting shoes don’t do good things when used for running (which is understandable).

    Should I just continue to use my existing equipment as long as I am comfortable (i.e. my Asics), or should I invest in something like CrossFit trainers? Pure lifting shoes don’t appeal to me personally because I never intend to “just lift”. The all-around style of training in this program is what appeals to me.

    At SEALFit HQ do trainees usually wear running shoes, lifting shoes, CrossFit shoes, or boots (like the 511 Recons)? What do the coaches themselves wear for their workouts?

    Miguel Ortiz

    I basically change between 3 pairs of shoes out of my garage gym. I use a trainer, such as the Nike Metcon or the Reebok Nano for warmups and most other exercises, but switch to my lifting shoes for most strength exercises and my running shoes for most runs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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