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chapter 7: on-ramp training question

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    Richard Vernetti

    hi everyone,
    I reading 8 weeks to seal fit and I’m really anxious to get going.
    my question is:
    Is the On -ramp training what is referred in appendix 2 basic training?
    I’m confused bc at the end of chapter 7 , it says “congrats on completing your first week of seal fit training”.Then jumps into Baseline training.
    or am i way out in left field already?
    JEff Bourne

    Richard Vernetti

    If you are reading the 8-weeks to SEALFit book chapter 7 should have a total of 4 weeks of training (5 days a week)

    It brakes down and focus’s on the various parts of the OPWod workout.

    Week 1 – Baseline
    Week 2 – Strength
    Week 3 – Stamina
    Week 4 – Work Capacity

    Chapter 8 is where you will see a standard OPWod style workout template with 8 weeks of workouts (6 workouts a week).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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