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Non workout: Navy Seal Watches

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    Krishna Gidwani

    I’m looking to get a military grade Navy Seal watch, but there is so much to learn and choices and websites out there. It will be very easy to
    1. get the wrong type of watch
    2. get duped into paying far more than a watch is worth
    3. determining between what an website advertises and what you receive.

    1. what is the definition of a navyseal/military grade watch?
    a. what functions does it need to do, and what functions are nice to have.

    2. Is there such a thing as a navyseal/military smart watch?

    3. What would I use the features on these watches for, and how would you use the watch?
    a. Timing the air left in a scuba tank
    b. timing a 7-9 minute mile. can it help you keep pace.
    c. Tachometer and altimeter and what are these used for?

    I know this post comes as a glob of questions and not totally linear. but any advice would be appreciated and might start a new angle and conversation.


    Coach Mel

    Hi GOPE,

    I can send you over to our expert if you send me your email.



    James Tuttle

    What were the answers?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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