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Keeping the motivation

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    Richard Vernetti

    Hi first I must say this looks like a great Place.
    When im doing my workouts I sometimes lose the motivation. Example yesterday I was doing aAMRAP workout and had 2 min left then in my head I started thinking its better to rest then to push it.
    I would love to hear how I can prepare myself better to keep the egde duriing my workouts.
    Pardon my English

    Coach Mel

    Hi Geir,

    Well that is a sticky place that we all pass through. I have a few suggestions that I use I can disclose. First, Set a goal before entering the AMRAP, say 10 rounds per a 15 min AMRAP. Stick to it. Set a penalty if you don’t reach it like an additional 100 situps, double unders, or burpees.

    Practice calming yourself down with your breath when you get in that out of breath zone. Take 4 breaths and then head back in asap. Don’t take water breaks or walk around. You will only prolong the pain. Remember, it gets better! You will have good rounds and not so good..look towards the good.

    Practice feeding that positive wolf and keep telling yourself your mantras, “I got this”, “I am only cheating myself if I give up or go slow”, shoot I even throw in there a “Your not going to die from this” now and then. I also try to laugh at myself during a real digger and enjoy getting my ass handed to me.

    Embrace the suck in the end. You might suck at the workout you are doing but you will never quit and the sooner you finish the better:)


    At this early hours, I would normally be turning into the Kokoro yoga program, perhaps on of the movement portions of the program. This would be part of my morning ritual. However, a new problem seems to be emerging and I would be interested in how the Boat Crew is, or would handle, this issue.

    In a quick sentence, I am confronted and confounded by stupid folks, not ignorant, but stupid.

    I am now an emeritus partner in my business and the young folks seem to be running into ‘walls’ of their own making with poor decisions, low level communication, and a general lack of focus that seemed to be a recent plague.

    The toll for success have bn clearly presented over the year, but the Millenials have arrived……

    My role has ‘degenerated’ into one of the “Fixer” of a lot of this silliness. While it is nice to be needed, I think, I am tired of being the enabler.

    Using the 4 assets (breathing, visualization, verbalization, and micro goals) has been a help, though I find it hard to turn this intellectual ‘back slide’ of the group around.

    An easy solution would be to ride into the sunset, but the Group has continued to ask me to solve their issues of client care, personnel hassles etc. etc. Admittedly, no one has died, except my enthusiasm.

    So, my question to anyone who has some thoughts would be: how do you handle, deal with, or adjust to this environment?

    Coach Mel

    Hi John,

    Maybe you could pose this question on the SEALFIT Online FB group? I would respond to this with a question. Do you trust these folks enough to let them make mistakes of their own? I would try and be as honest as possible with your team and let them know that you would like them to use some creative tactics , maybe bring the options to you to review, during tough decision making. It sounds like they need some more coaching and they are turning to your as a mentor. Be firm but helpful and let them know that you have your own projects to focus on but are happy to help when you can. My 2 cents. The UM program is REALLY the best place for leadership development. Maybe you could coach your team in the SMARTP Goal setting from UM:)


    Coach Melanie,

    Thank you for your feed back. I will move back to the Unbeatable Mind Program for more insight. Ironically, the personnel in question have been tutors and mentored in SMARTP in the Navy….Go figure!!

    I will see moving forward where the Forces allow


    Thank you,

    John S

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