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Get Out of Comfort Zone Challenge/Ideas

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    Zeeshan Mahmud


    What ideas can you think of that forces you to embrace the suck and get out of comfort zone? Can be physical or non-physical.

    Here are some I thought of:

    -getting a job
    -cleaning dirty restroom
    -learning something complex, difficult or boring (knot tying, coding, welding course in college)
    -overcoming fear of heights (skydiving, bungee jumping)
    -rope climbing
    -getting comfy with animals you don’t like for (barking hound, bull wrestling in mud, pig sty..)
    -overcoming phobia such as snakes, spiders, bugs or darkness (scotophobia)
    -public speaking (supposedly no.1 fear!)
    -confronting/approaching an owner or person in charge regarding problem instead of online review
    -fixing something from as simple as oil change of car/tire change to lawnmower..

    Feel free to add more.

    Aaron Cook

    Getting into tasks either you have avoided doing or others will not tackle. Try to think of things to do to get you out of a rut you may be in.

    Duncan Young

    Asking yourself what you really want from life and where you want to be. I think moist people are not where they truly want to be, they are mostly existing. For me its the beach lifestyle, living within a mile the beach and not feeling stressed about the daily routine.
    go and visit your dream goal and start to work 100% at getting it! Realize what just happened, the government is not in a position to take care of its people and we are in dangerous new world. Got to quit accepting that second place is ok. Everyday has must be focused on the true you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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