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    Richard Vernetti

    Are the daily SOFWODS plus the OPWOD on Saturdays enough to prep for Kokoro? If not, what would you add? thanks

    SEALFIT Online

    Rucking 1-2 times per week on active recovery days. 1 day should be rough terrain and the other day should be soft sand if you have access. Keep the rucks around 3-4 miles as they are taxing on your joints.

    Shawn Steggink

    I don’t want to split hairs here, but what would you recommend for mix of SOFWOD / OPWOD for Kokoro training, apart from the guidance on rucking posted above?

    OPWOD doesn’t have lot of running so I’m assuming probably not 100% OPWOD, and it would also depend on an individuals own strengths / weaknesses, but I’d be interested to hear what the ideal mix might be (e.g. 60/40, 80/20, 90/10, or whatever) in general.

    Perhaps there’s a component of “do a lot of OPWOD 12-6 months out then switch to more SOFWOD 6-0 months out”, or something like that.

    Andrew Fraser

    I did OPWOD for 6 months before KOKORO. Wednesday was LSD – up to 90-120 minutes of weighted run. Saturday was a Monster Mash WOD or Run/Grinder/Run/Swim stuff…

    OPWOD works – 100% proven.

    Shawn Steggink

    Thanks Andrew! Appreciate the advice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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