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Necessary equipment for Home-gym to prep for Kokoro

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    Marco Rosa

    Hello everyone,
    I had a question for coaches and anyone who could help with suggestions.

    I have access to an actual gym only once a week (saturdays), and during the working week I workout at home which limits the tools I can use.

    At home I have the following equipment list:
    – A ceiling mounted pull up bar
    – Backpack/sandbag with 60# worth of sandbag fillers (which I use for different exercises and racking)
    – 2 sets of DBs (10# and 20#)
    – TRX Tactical kit
    – A smaller sandbag that can be loaded with up to 40#
    – I am thinking about getting a 35# KB

    Is that going to be enough to properly train for Kokoro?

    I want to do the OPWODs since I can meet the basic requirements for it (same as for Kokoro), but all the workouts have a component that will require a barbell with bumber plates.
    Someone suggested to use the sandbag with 60# in it and substitute the 1RM in therms of weight with a Max Reps in terms of count (working to failure) for all the front-squats, back-squats, cleans, and other exercises requiring the barbell; and then use the percentage value given in the WOD to calculate the number of reps I need to do for each round maintaining the weight constant.

    I know this will vary the stimulus, but I would much rather work on resistance and endurance to help me during Kokoro, instead on working toward getting bigger and/or lifting more weight.

    Is that just a bunch of non-sense, or does it make sense?

    Thanks in advance.

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