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    Richard Vernetti

    Hi Coaches,

    I have enrolled for SEALFIT Comprehensive Academy in October and have some questions regarding the gear list required.

    I planned to purchase my gear online from navyseals.com, however am not sure which would be the ideal backpack ruck or running boot of all the various styles/models listed on the site.

    Can you recommend the most common or popular choices? I am also an SOF candidate preparing for BUDS in 2016 (if that information helps)

    Thank you,


    SEALFIT Online

    Ruck: I recommend a Kelty ruck. It’s durable, has a waist and chest strap, internal frame, hydration bladder system (sold separately – you can pick up a Camelbak bladder at many different retailers including REI or even WalMart), plenty of pockets and comes in a few different colors. You can find it here:

    Boots: I use the Nike SFB. It’s basically a running shoe in boot form and runs true to size for Nike (I wear size 11 in Nike and the size 11 Nike boot fits perfectly). These boots will drain properly and dry quickly. The only thing that this boot is not good for is rope climbs as the sole will shred on descent.

    You’ll want to break the boot in prior to coming to Academy

    Richard Vernetti

    Are we allowed to use our own rucks during Kokoro? I have GoRuck GR1. Would I be able to use it or do we use the same rucks as we did during the 20x?


    At Kokoro, your ruck is provided.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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