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Camp logistics – transport and hotel

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    Richard Vernetti

    Hi all. I’m looking forward to Kokoro in February. Quick questions on logistics:

    – what’s the best way to get to Encinitas from LAX (besides driving, is there reliable public transport)?

    – And are there hotels nearby Sealfit HQ where folks can rest up the day before / after?


    Coach Mel

    Hi Kallan,

    Congratulations on your future endeavor! I would rent a car from LAX. It is a far drive and can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 depending on traffic! I don’t know of another way to get down here from there other than a potential UBER?

    You can stay before and after KOKORO at either the Best Western… nicer route or Days Inn both on Encinitas BLVD about a mile away.

    I hope that helps and see you soon.

    Coach Mel

    David Bauke

    Hi Mel, thank you so much for all your great training advice and always giving them with a friendly smile. Both my friend Stefan & me have enrolled in Kokoro this October 2017 and are training hard to meet & crush the standards! Since we come from far away Germany and because of the termination of our beloved Sealfit HQ in Encinitas we are now wondering where our Kokoro is going to happen? Availabilities of hotel rooms are limited and prices are rising with every week we wait with the booking… Could you kindly tell us in which area we should look around for any hotel in October ? Is it better close to Encinitas or better in Temecula at Vail Lake ? Thank you for any little hint…
    David Bauke (the airline pilot) & Stefan Watzlawek (the medical doctor)

    Coach Mel

    Yes, it’s sad to see our Encinitas home go but we will have a better facility and change is good! The city sure made it hard for us to train. You should book your hotel in Temecula. This would be the case no matter our HQ shift. The camp begins and ends there. Thanks for reaching out and I am glad to hear about your training success! I can’t wait to see you crush Kokoro!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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