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    Richard Vernetti

    Hello my name is Eric

    I am 22 years of age

    I am an overweight male 350+ pounds. I would like some guidance as to where I can truly begin from this point. Now obviously weight loss is a deffinate goal of mine. I find myself though very “fitness illiterate” lets just say. I’m not exactly sure where to begin in getting my weight into a healthy range for the average 22-23 year old male. I fall into the category of most americans not sure how to take care of themselves and I am hoping that someone here may help me get started so that I may live a healthier life.

    To the point my concerns are mostly:

    What do i eat?
    What exercises should I begin with?
    How much water should i drink daily?
    And any other advice you can give for someone just starting off

    Side note: I appreciate anything you can inform me with to assist me with healing my body. I was never privliged with the knowledge of health and fitness growing up. I have been overweight my whole life and always believed that healthy fit bodies where for the lucky of us and now that I finally believe that is not true, I thank anyone who will support me on this journey of mine.

    Tim Casey

    This is just a suggestion, but books that have had great influence over me are

    1) Paleo diet for athletes
    2) Warrior Diet
    3) Biohackers handbook for nutrition

    This will cover your diet, how to eat, when to eat and why to eat like. These 3 books cover about 90%+ of what I base my nutrition on currently.

    In terms of healing your body, a book which helped me was ‘Biology of belief’ – its a bit ‘out there’ but it goes along with the philosophy that Mark Divine and Sealfit have been preaching. Ie, Our thoughts affect our emotions which affect our physical body.

    Good Luck.

    Brian Rogers

    Hi Eric,

    First off Tim’s advice is always spot on. I know Tim is a big fan of the Warrior Diet but I’ve also had a lot of success with Intermittent Fasting. I’m not saying jump right into that but something to keep in the back of your mind. There are a few different approaches to it, the easiest one being the “16/8” approach, wherein you fit all of your nutrition in an 8 hour “feeding window” then fast the other 16 hours. It’ll cut down on mindless snacking and really focus you on quality nutrition in that feeding window. Something to consider down the line perhaps, or experiment with now. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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