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    Richard Vernetti

    Hello I’m having a problem with my ears getting “stuffy” (feel like they need to pop) during intense workouts. It can take a better part of a hour to subside. I’m also having slight headaches and a tight muscle on the left side of my neck is causing some pain. Has anyone heard of this problem? If so any tips? Thanks Dan

    Coach Mel

    Hi Daniel,

    I have not heard of any chronic issues of this sort. If this persists you should seek medical attention. Maybe start with a chiropractor for your neck? The stuffiness might be due to sinus issues.. also connecting to the neck. You could try and limit your neck mobility during your workouts and try not to crane your neck up or down and see if that helps. GHD sit-ups will give you a nasty headache if you don’t keep your chin tucked to your chest while performing these. I wish Iwas more help but I am not a doctor and this is just a guess:)

    Coach Mel

    Royce Crow

    I’ve also had a similar issue lately. Every time I run or do cardio-centric WODs my nose stuffs up so bad I have a hard time breathing. Curious to see if there’s any more information on what the cause may be.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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