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    Richard Vernetti

    Just curious as to how the strength part is programmed, does it usually focus on Olympic lifting or does it cycle?


    It cycles.

    Miguel Ortiz

    I’ve been doing the Master’s WoD for about 6 months now and have yet to see Olympic lifts (e.g. cleans, snatches). How come the strength routines don’t seem to include these Olympic lifts? I only see it as a work capacity, where I never really get improve and build upon, but only use it as a metcon. I know other programs get athletes ready for the games, but isn’t explosive power a necessary strength? It seems we bounce between back squats and front squats, bench press and close-grips, deadlifts and sumo deadlifts. But no Olympic lifts. Please advise.

    Brian Rogers

    Hi Miguel,

    are you doing the monster mash each week? If not you could subsitute that for oly lifts. Personally, I like the olympic lifting too and will usually do it on sundays and alternate between techique based workouts then the following sunday focus on moderate to heavy weights. Just a thought. I use weekends to focus more on my specific goals.


    Coach Mel

    Hi Miguel,

    We try to keep the Oly lifting to the advanced OPWOD training to avoid problems. You can certainly follow the OPWOD strength programming and the masters Work Cap, Stamina, ETC.

    It’s your game! Di what makes you feel great

    Etienne Tremblay

    I have been doing Crossfit WOD at my box regularly (3x/week) since last fall, but I want to get back to a more organized strength based planning such as Sealfit. I am planning on doing the Masters WOD (limited in time) for the rest of April to end of June and then jump into OPWOD mode for the summer.
    Which date does the current cycle starts so, I could jump in there? If I go 3 times a week to gym (plus grinder PTs and running/rucking days), which days I should focus on each week (ex.: do the Monday/Tues and Fri of each week) or should I alternate or should I just to each day one after the other even if it spreads over more than 1 week.

    Coach Mel

    We still have 3-4 weeks left on this strength cycle. Strength is programmed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Coach John, Who programs this, said that you should do these 4 workouts a week however you can situate them.

    I hope this helps and great goals and questions.

    Coach Mel.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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