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    Richard Vernetti

    Hey everyone.

    I just started the SEALFIT 8 week body weight program. What I am looking for. . . Well a someone who is either on the same path as I or someone who has already passed the many trials that I will face to get to a place few have gotten.

    My story, brief and simple, childhood was rough using food as a escape I ballooned up to 400+ pounds. Through hard work and determination I dropped to 280ish within maybe 9 months?.

    My quick drop was a deal Inbetween me and my father. I would lose weight, he would stop drinking. It was successful, ultimately he stopped to late, facing liver failure/cancer. He passed last October. Now that he is gone. I have regained some weight I am sitting at 320lbs.

    With my goals now tuned to a SOF career I feel the flame back and I am ready to succeed. To get the best coaching out there, to have someone and myself, to hold myself accountable.

    Any takers to chat about this journey with. Tips or tricks?

    Richard Vernetti

    Hi Charles,

    Great job leaping out of the hole again:) You got this! I am sorry for your loss but your pops was able to pass with a huge win it sounds like! I have personally done the 8 weeks course and just completed it a few days ago. I am happy to advise you and help encourage you on your path. Ultimately you should find a teammate to train with if you can. Any takers for the 8 weeks program out there? Post this on the SEALFIT FB group and hopefully you connect up with a teammate.


    Coach Mel

    Richard Vernetti

    Thank you! Also sorry for the late response. as the program intensifies, I find myself further away from the phone and internet. I am loving this program. Not loving new blisters, however. Time to get new shoes! Lol.

    I am getting some of my friends on this same program. So soon I will have a mini little team to work with. So I appreciate the advice. I really do. This program is taking me steps towards accomplishing a dream of mine.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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