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    Shannon Lawson

    I have some questions about the SEALFit book and the subscription service. According to the book, SEALFit is broken down between OnRamp, Basic Training, Masters, and Advanced Operator Training. These same breakdowns are mentioned in the email sent 8/15/2018 entitled “10 ways to tell how fit you are”. However, the SEALFit Elite and Elite Plus only have OnRamp, OPWOD, Masters, and SOFWOD.

    1. Are there plans for Basic Training (above OnRamp and below OPWOD)? If not, how do we approach the Basic Training portion in the 8 Weeks to SEALFit?

    2. The Masters program in Appendix 2 says the program is for those 45 yrs and older. However, the SEALFit website says Masters is for those 55 yrs and older. Which is the correct age range?

    3. I am 43 and once I complete OnRamp and the Basic Training (4 weeks) in the 8 Weeks to SEALFit, what would be next?

    Thank you and Hooyah!!

    Jeffrey Hall

    In reference to the BOOT Camp workouts what does LSD EFFORT/ SPORTS/FAMILY DAY?


    Jeff Hall

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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