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    Adam Tonnos

    My PST Scores from the structure in the 8 Weeks to SealFit Book
    2-min push-ups – 96
    2-min sit-ups – 86
    Max Strict Pull-ups – 18
    2000m row – 11:31, too cold up here to hit the lake, -5c
    1.5 mile run – 10:09

    My pre-AOT/on-ramp results were:
    2-min push-ups – 76
    2-min sit-ups – 74
    Max Strict Pull-ups – 12
    500m swim – 12:30, open water, unsure of exact distance
    1.5 mile run – 10:35

    I have started a second round of AOT(same book workouts), I liked the 3 phases and the final deload & PR weeks. Thinking of moving to the SOFWODs after this AOT but wondered if I should try the SOFWOD now.

    Coach Mel

    Great work! Yes I would suggest that you move on to the OPWOD and SOFWOD. At least start to add them in a few times a week for variety in training.

    Adam Tonnos

    Will do! Thanks.

    Jostein Saksen

    I have been on and off traing this year, but now i will be more consistent. My last PST Scores was in January. Toaday i did a new PST Score with my eleven year son, and here are the results –
    pushups 53, situps 50, air squats 50, pullups 10 and 1 mile run in 10.15 – my son Markus pushups 50, situps 58, air squats 62, pullups 9 and 1 mile run 9.37

    In January i had a long break in between the exercises, now i had 2 minutes.
    One thing that i think made it difficult for my to complete training every week, was the amount of traing, and that i felt i had missed something if i was not available every day. But maybe this would change if i get through the first days, the first week and the first month…


    Coach Mel

    Great job Jostein and Markus,

    You can train daily but you can do only certain parts if you are under time pressure. I think 5 days of OPWODS are a bit much for an open ended set schedule. We would recommend that sort of training if you were preparing for KOKORO. Typically, you should plan for 3-4 OPWODS a week. Be sure to recover properly.

    Jennifer Bland

    Monday 11/28/2017 did the following PST standards:
    15 situps (on machine to hold feet down, used handle to pull up on many of them)
    15 pushups (not chest to floor but mostly at least 1/2 way down)
    64 squats (used medicine ball to verify going low enough)
    20 sec hand (no pushups – yet!)
    7:30 run on elliptical machine (way too fast as I run about 15 min/mile)

    Any feedback? I guess I start with on-ramp WODs?

    Derrick Stahl

    did my first evaluators PST last week on sunday and subsequently got into the training, based on the recommendations by the videos and content on the site. These workouts are killer! Hit a rut in my training and needed something new; this has definitely motivated me to get back into the workout 110%!
    100 pushups in 2 mins
    110 air squats in 2 mins
    100 situps in 2 mins
    25 pullups non stop
    5:54 mile run

    Coach Mel

    Hooyah Derrick and welcome to the team.

    Pat Mack

    Push-ups 40/squats 55/ sit-ups 40/ pull-ups 10/ mile 7:30

    Coach Mel

    Good work Pat. You should be doing our OPWOD’s 3-4 times a week according to your PST score. KOKORO in the future?

    Pat Mack

    Thanks Coach Mel, Sounds good, I will start focusing on the OPWODs. KOKORO is on my bucket list. ITEMPO is a little high/unpredictable right now, but eventually I would like to do it.

    Eric Gross

    26 from Southern California. This is where my PST is now, but I’ll come back with improved numbers.

    Push-Ups: 51
    Sit-Ups: 77
    Air Squats: 93
    Dead Hang Pull-Ups: 12
    1 Mile Run: 6:11
    …1.5 mile: 9:48

    I’m aiming to get over 20 pull-ups by the end of August (in 3 months), and I’ll work to get my pushups near the competitive level around 100. There is definitely room for improvement, but I’ll get there.

    It’s good to meet you all!

    – Eric

    Coach Mel

    Hi Eric,

    Easy day. You are well on your way. Pst every other week and continue on doing the OPWODS. Let me know if you have
    any questions.

    James Salerno

    PST for 08/16/2018

    3 push-ups
    12 sit ups
    28 air squats
    3 regular pull-ups
    0.8 mile run in pants and sneakers in 15 minutes

    Coach Mel

    Hi James,

    Great work taking the test and getting it done.

    I would suggest that you start with our Onramp training workouts. Do you have access to a full gym with Barbells and gear? If not, the BOOTCAMP product is a great starting point . It is a 12 week program that gets you ready to jump into the Onramp.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 76 total)
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