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    Coach Mel

    Hi Bryan,

    Your numbers look good! I am worried about your form in your Push ups because your ratio from Push ups to PUll ups seems a little off. Send me a video of 40 Push ups in a row to if you can so I can help. That said, great job on that number. Gotta work those pull ups. Core work and Strict press will be very beneficial to that. Make sure you are getting at least 100 sit ups in 4 times a week or more:) Keep after your running. Try the 1 minute walk, 1 minute run method. IT will help. You should be good training the OPWOD workout 2-3 times a week considering the run and pull up score. You don;t want to deal with over-training and injury. do the regular Crossfit workout 2 times a week:)


    Coach Mel

    HI Piotr,

    Great work!! Looking good and congrats on that run time, let’s see a sub 7 in a month…You’ve got this! Are you planning a trip out to KOKORO this year? keep working those pull ups everyday!

    Happy Holidays,
    Coach Mel

    Tyler Sandlin

    PST Dec. 23

    Glaring hole in the sit-ups.

    Push-ups 70

    Air Squats 81

    Sit-ups 50

    Pull-ups 12

    1 mile pants and boots 7:36

    Pierre Descoteaux

    Thank you coach! Yes, push-ups are chest to ground on every rep, hands do not move from the ground and no butts up in the air. I still need much work on those push-ups and sit-ups. I do not want to end up in the “goon squad”!

    Piotr Sochaczewski

    Thanks Coach Mel.
    I don’t plan trip to KOKORO- I live in Denmark, my financial and time possibilities are very limited. I train as my dream was always to enlist in army- despite turning 27yo in few months, I need to close and settle up few things for family first, before starting to chase my own dreams. I try to get in shape before that moment. Autumn 2017 or 2018 I plan to take a shot for it.

    P.S. with pullups and running will definitely help losing some weight- 190cm and 205lbs, I see there is something to work on around my waist. Generally my strength seems fine, but I always had endurance problems. I plan to start doing SOFWODs before OPWODs now and hope to see improvement. Will see at next PST.

    Coach Mel

    Hi Tyler,

    Looking good. Yes your core work is important. Try speed core work tabata style and then unleash a good 100 reps or mre 4-5 days a week supplementary to the workout. do 20 reps in different fashions like bicycle, flutter kicks, Russian twists, knees to elbows . Pull ups and static holds , l sits will all help your core and arms.. 2fer!

    If your doing the opwod 2-3 times a week , your doing it right.

    Etienne Tremblay

    New Year’s Eve PST!
    I am 37 y.o., a graduate from the Basic Training Certification (Dec. 2015) and a 20X Challenge (May 2016).
    Pushups: 73
    Sit ups (PST style, feet anchored with 15# DBs): 60
    Air squat: 98
    Max pull ups: 19
    1 mile run (pants and boots, winter conditions, -11 deg. Cel./ 12 Far.): 8:03 min

    Happy New Year!

    Dale Klein

    Here are my numbers…ready to rock 2017.

    Push-ups: 36
    Sit-ups: 51
    Air-squats: 57
    Pull-ups: 11
    1 mile: 8:20

    At 48 I’m not going to set any personal records…but want 75/75/75/15/7:30 by 04 July.

    Coach Mel

    Hi Piotr,

    I could of sworn I had commented on your results.. lost in cyber space I guess. Great job on the PST, your looking close to KOKORO Ready. Did you do Murph in your 20# vest yet? If not, do it and post your time. Also did you do your mile run in boots? how about them pull ups? Get down 18 deadhang and you will be safe.

    Coach Mel

    Nicely done Etienne! How is your Weighted Murph looking? YOur ready for KOKORO it seems. When are you planning to attend?

    Coach Mel

    Hi Dale,

    Of course your going to set personal records!! 48 is young. Your goals are all well within your ra/each and will simply take daily focus. Hit up 20 pushups at a time at least once a day. Jump up and do some pull ups EVERYTIME you are by a pull up bar. do 40 squats each morning while you brush your teeth. You don’t need a gym to get it done. Keep me updated. Hopefully you are doing the masters or Crossfit workout currently.

    Great work!

    Coach Mel

    Etienne Tremblay

    Hi coach Mel, thank you for your comment! Weighted Murph time non partionned was 1:12:49 hr back in early October, I was pretty stoked about that. I’m starting to seriously think about Kokoro 47 next Oct. but cannot commit for the moment.

    Piotr Sochaczewski

    Didn’t think about doing stuff like Murph as I’m just after two week break due to injury. I was planning yo give myself few days to build form back. But You gave an idea, so I just did Murph.

    I did it in 26,5# vest (12kg) and partitioned it to 20 rounds of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats.

    First 9 rounds I tried to do strict pullups, then I started to cheat a little: added small kipping, stopped locking elbows in down position. 5 times I did last pullup in round as jumping pullup. After 15th round I had crysis and from there my squats probably looked like something between air squats and monkey squats… It wasn’t leg muscles problem, but total body problem. I just pushed it through, though.

    First run was just above 9 minutes, second one 10 minutes 30 seconds.

    Total time 1 hour 0 minutes 55 seconds. Now I know I could do it with 20# vest instead 26,5#, as my pullups form could be better in second half, but if I started with specific weight, I think it was right thing to do, to keep with it until the end.

    Courtney Johnson

    Hey Coach! Sorry for the lateness, I haven’t been able to do a one mile run yet, but my last boots/BDUs 1-miler was a couple months ago and that’s the numbers I’ve included. Everything else is to spec. I know the #s are low for SEALFIT, but I was obese all my life and this is my best shape ever AND I recently completed a GORUCK Tough! HOOYAH!

    Push-ups: 19 (This number has been higher, maybe just an off day, I can usually do in the 20s)

    Situps: 43

    Squats: 49

    Pull-Ups: 0, I’ve literally never been able to do a pullup. I currently need about 70# of assistance, and was able to push out 4 reps of that…so I’m a long way off. I don’t have a pullup bar to grease the groove on, but I just got a TRX for home and thinking that’s a good way to start.

    Last 1 mile boots/bdus: 14:55
    Bench Press 1RM: 135#
    Deadlift 1RM: 165#
    Push Press 1RM: 105#

    Been doing SEALFIT Onramps that don’t have running/rowing switchouts. My gym is my biggest drawback, weight room and cardio are separated, so you can’t just alternate. Also kind of tough to find places to run since I live in kind of a dangerous area. It’s also tough to know what/how to focus when all your numbers are low. But running is an obvious weakness. I have great endurance (see: Rucked 20 miles with 50# total for half of that during GORUCK) but once my heart rate gets too elevated I start wheezing. I’m also short (~5’4″/200#) so even a 4mph for me is basically a running gait. I was looking at the LSD wod for today which recommended a heart rate of 120 bpm, I don’t think I can run slow enough to maintain something like that! I’ve been working on weight loss obviously, down to lowest ever! I’ve lost about 10 pounds over the last several months, but obviously gained a couple back over the holiday but I’m back on track now!

    Other big concern is you’ll notice there is no back squat number… I am torn because I recognize that the back squat is the #1 functional strength builder, but I go to the gym alone and I worry about how to do a back squat safely if I reach failure mid-rep, etc. So I have avoided trying that with enough weight I think.

    Coach Mel

    Hi Courtney,

    First of all congrats on all of your accomplishments! One step in front of the other. You are obviously a strong perseverant lady. At your gym, I would like you to find a box and a pull up bar and perform jumping pull ups. Please watch this video: You will also see a few great ways to train that pull up in this video. By strengthening your pull up, you will strengthen your core which will help you with everything you do.

    Next, Try to think of running as faster smaller steps. This will take some of that pressure off of you to keep up. We have a ton of great running videos that you should check out under JEFF GRANT.

    Back squats are important. Interestingly, they can’t really be spotted for you by a coach. You will need to learn how to fail that lift with a light weight before you get heavy. You should definitely ask a trainer or watch a video on how to fail a back squat safety before getting into that. IN the mean time, make sure you are doing reps at a relatively moderate load.

    Use the distance between your running/ rowing machines for a quick recovery and additional training. IT’s a bummer if you get back and someone is on your gear but make the best out of it. You can always sub in Burpees or jump rope.

    Let me know how I can help and stay flexible while having fun.

    Coach Mel

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