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    Dennis Stoika

    Time to be evaluated by your PST outcome…………….We are challenging you this month to post your scores and get a free evaluation and WOD Referral. Please visit the NEW Forum Topic PST to post and for further instructions and demo videos of “GOOD” form and reps. We will be giving you a recommendation based on your PST scores as to which of our training workouts is best for your PST level.

    Average scores are approximately: Seven and a half minute mile run, 50 push-ups, 100 squats, 80 sit ups, I just can’t do dead hang pull-ups, getting one at BTC and fundamentals and am not improving. My door pull up bar and band don’t seam to be helping much, and it is really the only bar I have regular access to. I use to do 20 – 40 kipping pull-ups in the Marine Corps, did 8 dead hang pull-ups in the FBI Academy, and have had multiple shoulder injuries over the years in martial arts to include a sprained shoulder as recent as 8 weeks ago and from a motorcycle crash years ago.

    Scott Krolak

    @6 months post L5S1 surgery I’m behind so no WODs at this point. I’m sticking with the physical therapy regimen. That said I wanted to see where I am as a bench mark. I can do all of the events just not well.

    Push-ups: 29
    Sit-ups: 22
    Air Squats: 50
    Pull-ups: 6
    Run 1.5 Miles: 21’05”. I had to walk some

    I’ll target another test at the end of the first quarter in 2017.

    Mark Wardlaw

    Did the PST on December 4, beginning week 2 of the 8 week to Sealfit book.
    Pushups 45
    Sit-ups 44
    Pull-ups 4
    Air squats 30
    1.5 mile run 16:28

    Coach Mel

    Hi Dennis,

    Definitely watch coach Johns pull up video and work those negatives and jumping. Then progress to 10 sets of 1 pull up with a good 30 sec rest between sets. Do this 3 times a week for a month. Scores look good but let’s get really accurate . PST the other 4 parts asap and post.

    Hi Scott, Great job! I would recommend The Onramp workouts for about a month or until you can run the whole 1.5:) Work the body weight exercises and shoot to double your reps as well.Your push ups look great!

    Hi Mark, Great job too! I would recommend that you stay in Onramp for another month and work to get a few more pull ups and drop 2 minutes off your run. You are really close to moving into the Crossfit workout! Let’s get those standards down before you start lifting a bunch of weight.

    Chris Fleck

    PST dec 14
    15 dead hang pulls
    88 push ups
    90 air squats
    70 sit ups
    1 mile run 645

    Daniel Davis

    Pst Dec 15.

    Been on reverse cycle training with my unit for a month, so I’ve barely trained

    Push ups: 60
    Sit ups: 60
    Air squats: 70
    Pull ups: 25
    Run: 8:10

    Coach Mel

    Hey Chris, Great work. You are ready for the OPWODS is you are not already doing those. Keep working those Dead hangs and make sure your moving through the proper range of motion on the push ups… Chest to deck and elbows lock out on the top of the movement. Update us on your numbers in a month. Your almost ready for KOKORO!

    Hi Daniel, Great work as well! 25 strict pull ups.. impressive! Your good to to hit up the OPWOD as well but I would scale the weight when necessary and work that core strength. Let’s get you on some hill sprints a few times a week to increase that run power.

    Dennis Stoika

    Gotcha Mel. I have. It been soon then 3x per week. I can do negatives and often do. I can’t do jumping pull-ups on a door pull up bar 🙁

    I’ll give it more of an effort and chart so I get it in 3 days per week.

    Dennis Stoika

    Gotcha Mel. I have watched the video and sometimes add negatives and holds to my routine but am. It Hutton it 3x per week. I’ll ensure I get it in 3x per week. As for jumping pull-ups, those can’t be done at home on a door pull-up bar.

    Chris Fleck

    Thanks Coach Mel, thanks for the feedback. I’m locked in for Kokoro in April so any advise or tips to prepare better would be appreciated greatly… I’ll post pst in a month and see where we are at with progress.

    Thanks and have a wonderful holidays…


    Daniel Davis

    Cheers Coach Mel

    I’ve been doing the OPWODs for a while and I’m glad to see it working.
    I’ll definitely include those sprints, I know my cardio is lacking somewhat.

    Would you advice the SOFWOD as a good training tool, or is that more for a specific goal?

    I’ll check back in a month!

    Pierre Descoteaux

    PST dec. 16th 2016.
    My arms and abs were already very sore from this weeks opwods… I tested those after shortening this Friday’s opwod. I figured it would be more fitting since I’m prepping form the April Kokoro…
    Push ups: 55
    Sit ups: 55
    Squats; 92
    Pull ups: 23
    I did not do the run this time.

    Bryan Moon

    PST from 2 weeks ago

    84 push-ups
    61 sit ups
    66 air squats
    7 pull-ups
    14:35 1.5 mile in boots

    Piotr Sochaczewski

    It’s been a while since my last PST, but here are the numbers.

    78 pushups
    90 air squats
    76 situps
    13 pullups
    7:03 mile run

    Run was my personal best ever- I had always hard time running (just under 15mins at 2 miles, 24mins at 3 miles).
    Thanks to OPWODs I broke few other records and improved general performance a lot- great feeling moving forward with things.

    Coach Mel

    Hi Pierre,

    Yes! You look ready for KOKORO! It is great that you tested while sore and tired. This is exactly when you will be PSTing at KOKORO. Work your push ups and Core!! I have a sense that your push ups are done with proper form so that is huge!! Keep the integrity going Pierre and see you in April.

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