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    Richard Vernetti

    Please post your numbers of perfect :
    Push ups in 2 min
    Air squats in 2 min.
    Sit ups in 2 min.
    Pull ups in one effort on the bar. ( if you come off the bar, your done)
    1 mile run time in boots and BDU pants if you can.

    Please watch these videos for Points of performance.

    Time for the Big One – The Pull Up

    It’s Time to Hit Up the Sit Up*

    Think you know how to Air Squat? Lets make sure

    Everything You’d Ever Need to Know About the Push Up

    Post your scores here and our team will assess which WOD you should be doing.


    PST for Today: Pull ups/1; push ups/7; air squats/56; sit ups/ 47

    Oscar Jensen

    Is it ok to rest during the push ups for example in “down dog” position? Same question on the sit ups can you rest lying on your back or in the “up” position?


    A note to Coach Melanie: We are actively involved with our church and many of the meals are prepared with canola oil. I fear this is not where we need to be….any suggestions on changing the program..

    John S

    John Bolin

    Hi Coach,

    I just jumped into the SOFWOD and found a new level of pain.

    Today’s started with the PST 1/3/3 ladder going to 1-10-1. I got through it (had to rest for 30 secs at times in the the pushup and situp parts) but getting up to the 10 pullup, 30 push and 30 sit took a damn good 19 mins including my weak-ass rests panting on the asphalt. And then I had to go back down obviously.

    My question is: how long could I ask real operators might take, on average workout, to complete the whole 1-10-1 part of the SOFWOD?



    Michael Griffin

    Hi – what is the standard rest time between exercises for the PST?
    2 or 10 minutes?

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Same question as Oscar: are rests allowed? (High plank for push ups etc.)

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Zeeshan, if you are going to rest then clearly you are not at par with the minimum endurance needed for SEALFit.

    “Only losers rest.” -Goggins

    Okay I made that up.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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