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    Richard Vernetti

    25 year old in my first year of grad school. Planning to go BUD/S after graduation (two years). I just signed up for SEALFIT and have been starting on OPWODs. It’s been really great.

    I have little to no swim background. My university offers a survival swim class, which I’ve been doing this past semester. We practice a lot of drown proofing skills, even including those with hands and feet bound. My biggest obstacle is swimming the PST 500m. I can swim a shaky 250 m. at the moment, and am pushing the distance slowly. My progress seems slow though; I’ve been finding it difficult to improve my form with just watching CSS videos over and over. Plus I’m beginning to get worried that I may not have enough time to get to a good point swimming in 2 years, seeing that this is a big stumbling block, much less a mile.. Or five miles of swimming!

    Is there a decent swim conditioning workout plan you could recommend for achieving this goal as efficiently as possible, with good quality technique?

    Thanks for all you guys do,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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