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    Kolten Webster

    If I were to incorporate running and swimming to the On Ramp workouts, would it cause me to over train? Or is it possible with proper recovery and fuel?
    I’m trying to improve running and swimming, as they are critical components to physical success in any SPEC OPS, more specifically, BUD/s.

    Royce Crow

    The Operator WOD’s add more aerobic based exercise, a lot of times, in the stamina and durability sections. I would definitely recommend at least running or swimming twice a week if it isn’t programmed and you’re going to going to basic, follow on schools, BUD/s. I can’t speak for the Navy but I am in the service and a lot of the schools I’ve been to have required that you have a pretty strong cardiovascular base. Maybe even try doing the strength programming from the Onramp/OpWODs and do the rest of the programming from the SOFprep workout. If you’re planning on something like BUD/s or some other strenuous program in the future you should have some focus on cardiovascular and aerobic capacity, don’t disregard strength though as it will make a lot of things easier and usually much less prone to injury.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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