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    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Pushups: 20

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Airsquats: 54
    Situps: 21

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Was not able to edit/delete message above.

    Post-workout note: 1 minute rest in between/felt horrible/almost felt like throwing up/massive sweat/mentally disheartened and gutted that couldn’t even crush the basic standards/interested to see how I will evolve

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Airsquats: 77

    Notes: Isolated airsquats only. Trying to capitalize on the strength. Tried to crank out as many as I can in 2 minutes. This simple minimalist Spartan 2-minute workout felt like WOD. Used coffee and high intensity music to cheat. My overall target is to evolve to 100. Feel less s***y than previous one where I felt like trying to do too many instead of focusing on one.

    Tom Horowitz

    Zeeshan, what workout was this? Day 1? Only asking because mine is 1 minute of workout and then 2 minutes of rest between tests.

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    Tom, I am trying to solidify my PST baseline. So this is to establish a foundation for PST. I think the minimum requirement for PST is:

    Push ups in 2 min
    Air squats in 2 min.
    Sit ups in 2 min.
    Pull ups in one effort on the bar. ( if you come off the bar, your done)
    1 mile run time in boots and BDU pants if you can.

    Zeeshan Mahmud

    1400 Pacific

    Atomic isolation of airsquats: 87 in 2 minutes
    Target : 120

    Notes: Knocked off. Intense burning of vastus medialis (VMO). Had to abort epsom salt balt as bent knee in bathtub exacerbated it. Counterintuitive. Left bath and straightened knee to heal. It went away soon. This makes me ask, what to do when experiencing a muscle spasm or paralysis given a hypothetical situation as Kokoro camp?

    Nutrition: Semi-fasted except for Powerade.
    Supplements: Cannabis, Kombucha and well hydrated with Powerade before attempt.
    Psychology: Looking at the stop watch run down time helped pace it.
    Spirituality: There is this certain “Egoness” to trying to crank down 120 in 2 minutes. But it may be used to fuel obsession. Wasn’t in clear “mu” head.

    Again, breaking down each component into sub-atomic parts to connect them into a one glued joint of the optimal PST score. Airsquats not only tests pain tolerance but endurance too!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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