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    Fernando Lamounier

    I want to give a big shout out to coach Mel and most importantly to Coach K (from coach K performance training)
    As a former competitive water polo training I used to run a lot (12k 3 x week for years). As years went by I started to have some knee pain after running or hiking.
    Saw a hot shot ortho surgeon and my MRI was normal. he had nothing to offer me. I continued not to run and could do the running part of SEALFIT only on an elliptical. I reached out to Coach Mel as I wanted to see if I could get prepared for Kokoro. I blew the PST no problem except for the 1 mile run.

    She then put me in touch with Coach K. I had a 101 session with him and in 5 min he saw what my problem was. He gave me an easy PT routine with 4 drills. Told me not to run for 4 weeks. I was skeptical but had nothing to lose. So i did it. Half way through it I started to notice a difference when on my elliptical. After 4 weeks I went for my 1st mile run. And Boom! Zero pain! Nothing! I now can run again. And I am on my way to rucking and preparing for 20XL! Thanks Coaches Mel and K!

    David Myers

    Can you put me in touch with coach K?
    My knees have been doing this
    Thanks for sharing Fernando


    Same here, please help me contact Coach K, pushing through that now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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