I finally can run again!!! Hooyah!!!

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    Fernando Lamounier

    I want to give a big shout out to coach Mel and most importantly to Coach K (from coach K performance training)
    As a former competitive water polo training I used to run a lot (12k 3 x week for years). As years went by I started to have some knee pain after running or hiking.
    Saw a hot shot ortho surgeon and my MRI was normal. he had nothing to offer me. I continued not to run and could do the running part of SEALFIT only on an elliptical. I reached out to Coach Mel as I wanted to see if I could get prepared for Kokoro. I blew the PST no problem except for the 1 mile run.

    She then put me in touch with Coach K. I had a 101 session with him and in 5 min he saw what my problem was. He gave me an easy PT routine with 4 drills. Told me not to run for 4 weeks. I was skeptical but had nothing to lose. So i did it. Half way through it I started to notice a difference when on my elliptical. After 4 weeks I went for my 1st mile run. And Boom! Zero pain! Nothing! I now can run again. And I am on my way to rucking and preparing for 20XL! Thanks Coaches Mel and K!

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