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    Richard Vernetti

    There are scores of different boots to choose from for every weather or terrain. Which one do I choose? I’m starting afresh with SealFit after a recent injury. Now’s the time to reassess my footwear. Does anyone have any recommendations for good “starter” boots for Rucks and WODs? Ultimately, I want to find a pair that of all-rounders that are lightweight and sturdy enough for rucking and running. I originally bought pair of Altama 8 inch Desert boots for work rather than workouts. They perform well on site and for a day in the field but the fit is no longer what it was. Any tips? Much obliged.


    I’ve worn the following:

    Under Armour Speed Freak

    Nike SFB

    Newbalance OTB II

    511 Recon Shoe

    They all had advantages and disadvantages.

    Nike’s were great for running but rope climbs destroyed them.

    Under Armours were terrible wet and took forever to dry.

    New Balance stopped making the OTB’s but they were great for lifting and water.

    511 shoes are great all around but they are shoes not boots.

    Doubt this helps. Good Luck!

    Richard Vernetti

    Thank you Coach Will. Negative selection feedback is helpful. I can cross some types of shoes off right now. I’ll take a look with this in mind and keep you up to date. Much appreciated.

    Richard Vernetti

    I’ve rolled / sprained my ankle(s) many times during my 44 years. I rolled it in March during a Spartan race. It wasn’t completely healed and I was running the local mtn trails this past Saturday and rolled much worse this time.

    Now I’m looking for some good boots that I can run in and this site would be an obvious choice to ask.

    From Coach Will’s response, it seems none of those would be a good selection. But I’ve come across a pair that might be and wondered if anyone can give me some feedback about them…..

    Rocky S2V’s?????

    Richard Vernetti

    I’ve done quite a bit of rucking, and a little running in Cabelas knee high hunting boots with the running shoe inspired design. Can’t remember the name, but they weight 1/2 as much as the regular ones. Honestly, even though it’s totally inappropriate for SEALfit, they are pretty damn good. They would be horrible if fully submerged!

    I have some standard issue US Army desert boots that I have for rucking and running that are OK. Looking to replace them with something but more fitness focused.

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