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    Richard Vernetti

    Hey team, gotta need for help: Last July I broke my leg. It was a bit slow to heal and when it did I ended up going straight to work as a security guard instead of taking a lot of time to do Physio. Health care only paid for one physio appointment in which the therapist said my leg was fairly strong already but I should do some band work to strengthen it more. I tried though, but the ways she told me to wrap the band kept on failing resulting in me getting snapped in the face. I didn’t have any trouble with my leg while I was working but then yesterday I went out and played a little bit of soccer on uneven ground and basketball and started feeling a lot of stress on it again in the point where I broke it….it was the smaller bone on my lower left leg, exactly halfway up, caused when I stepped on a rock and twisted my ankle too far up and to the left. Does anybody here have any experience, ideas or resources to help me strengthen my leg? I’ve been told biking is also a really good idea so I’ll be starting that soon. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Coach Mel

    Hi Dan,

    Biking and Warrior Yoga are great options. Yo probably have a fair amount of scar tissue that should be manipulated. I would get some massage work if you are on a budget. Re visit your doctor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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