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    James Tuttle

    It took a good week of not quiting and embrass the unkown and I started to get a liytle peace amd clarity. I was hooked. Only a little but doing this in the morning and evening rituals it has become a nesesaty for me to do or I feel incomplete and off until I do it.

    But a few weeks into it I have developed the habit of calming down and then monkey mind goes on one topic. I say stop but I keep going back. I feel as if my advanced enlightenment of meditation and breathing has become flat.

    What are some tips on getting back to the unfeunfeathered mind mediating and enjoy the now momemt of no thoughts?

    Thank you,



    If my 2 cents amount to anything, I am a big disciple of the Cmdr. and his emphasis on the box breathing/visualization/verbalization/micro goals. I would like to say that I am on top of all the crazy events in my life and that would not be true.

    I think the most important effort to expend is the ‘box breathing’ as this is where the calmness truly begins. I am trying to increase my practice to beyond the few minutes a day that I currently expend.

    I do understand the Cmdr.’s direction, though fitting the box breathing into my daily life’s WOD can be challenge.

    However, I think I get his point. Go back to the Box breathing and practice a lot, as I am trying to do.


    John S

    James Tuttle

    Thank you John 🙂

    I have found that to be true for me too. Box breathing. Starting with that to calm me down or my monkey mind. I am finding when done. Even a 5 minute one that a piece of me feels as if it connected and rejuvenated a small part. Still learning to go longer and be successfull on that. I really seem to get something from it. I am hungry for more training in my life.



    i wrote a missive after today’s Masters WOD describing my new evolution. Feel free to review my thoughts. To the bottom line, I am finding that the principles of Sealfit (physical, mental, emotional , intuitional, and spiritual) all have a place in my life. Physical is the first step, and has been the hardest for me. Learning to stay focused with the yoga program, so I would recommend the Kokoro program if you are looking for the training… does the trick for me.

    Merry Christmas and Hooooooyah

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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