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    Richard Vernetti

    I’m a 51-year-old triathlete martial artist who is trying to prep for Korkoro camp. I recently bought a pair of Nike combat boots to rock and run in. I’ve been trying to slowly break them in and I have noticed that I have been getting Achilles tendon pain And soreness.
    Do you have any suggestions On how to overcome this?
    I want to continue my training and I also need to break these boots in, In the safest way possible.
    Thank you!!

    Coach Mel

    Hi James,

    I cant say for sure but I would guess that you are toe running more with the boots. This will stress out that Achilles. I also find that the NIKE boots and shoes run about a half size too small. Are you feeling like you have the right size boot? On the plus side , the toes running is better than a heal strike pattern. Try and soften your landing on your toe strike. Keep training and be sure to stretch properly before ALL running or rucking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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