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    Timothy Porter

    Hi, my name is Tim. I’m 57 years old. I am a new member of sealfit. I love all the information that is available on your site. I love the fact that you also focus on developing mental toughness…clarity and focus and discuss things like deep breathing and meditation. During the past 5 years, I have been working with a coach, and have been very active at my gym. I’ve lost 40 pounds and I’m in good physical shape for my age but I need to get to a whole new level in order to prepare for the 20x challenge. I have discussed this with my coach, gone over the program with him, and we’re putting together a plan to prepare me for the 20x. I have not been a life long athlete but I have transformed myself physically and working out/exercising has literally transformed my life. I just want to prove to myself that I can do this. What advise can you give me to better prepare myself for the 20x?

    Coach Mel

    HI Tim and welcome.

    It is important to make sure you are running and on a running/ rucking program. Try and show up in a state where you can easily run 5 miles. Also, please test hyour PST standards regularly. Depending on your results, have your coach program for your weaknesses. You should be rucking and working out with BDU’s and breaking in a good pair of boots as well. Ruck with a 15-20 lb load a few times a month for 6-8 miles. Lastly, once you get close to your event, make sure you get in a few 6+ hour work outs. start with a PT grinder for an hour, then do your PST, then do murph, then eat and rest for 30 minutes. Get after it again with a 6 mile ruck from there.

    Let me know if yo run into any other questions.


    Coach Mel

    Timothy Porter

    Coach Mel:

    Thanks for the reply, Coach. I will focus on the running/rucking etc. I also joined a local crossfit
    gym…”Section 8 Crossfit”…A seal-like cross fit gym!


    Coach Mel

    Perfect! Don’t forget to run!! That will be the single most important tool you can bring.

    Stacey Thomas

    Hi Coach, Mel 🙂
    I’ve signed up for the 20X in April. Can I get your insight on overtraining? My goal is to be way over prepared come April but, I also don’t want to overdo it and bomb.
    I’m a regular CrossFit-er (5-6 dpw) but, I need to improve my running endurance. I was planning on adding in Grinder training sessions in the morning at least 3-4 dpw in addition to my CF afternoon sessions.

    1.To best prepare for 20X, do you feel that the OPWOD is something I should switch to instead of my current CF training?

    2. Do you feel like adding in the Grinder 3-4 days per week is a good idea or too much?
    I read your posts above regarding the 5 miles and adding in a ruck at least once a month so, I’ll definitely do that. I gather that endurance is the primary skill set to show up with…?
    Last question regarding Murph..

    3. Do the pull-ups have to be strict? Can we kip (or if necessary use assistance)? (torn shoulder labrum is why i ask)

    Thanks, Coach Mel!

    Coach Mel

    HI Stace,

    Over training is always an issue with those of us who love to be fit 🙂 It should always be considered and that is why Crossfit, OPWODs, grinder PTs, Long Slow Distance(LSD) rucks, and training for a half marathon are all great ways to exercise different and essential muscle sets.

    A great rue of thumb I like to go by is

    1. Make sure and do 2-3 Crossfit Workout a week including strength training squats, Press, and pullups
    2. Do 2 longer runs a week. one 2-5 mile run and one 4-9 mile run ruck. You should also do at least one track workout of this is not included in your CROSFFIT workout with hill sprints, 200m, 400m, or 800 m runs.I like to keep my longer runs after a rest day and then after a less intense crossfit class or maybe only do 2 crossfit classes and combine a yoga class after a long run.
    3. Do 1-2 OPWODs a week. I typically reserve this for Saturday or Sunday so I can take my time and do it right and through to the end.

    I typically only rest one day a week due to getting those runs in , yoga, surfing or spontaneous team training. You should allow for at least 2 recovery days and at least 1 rest day.Surfing yoga, rucks, and even short runs are recovery training.

    As far as Murph is concerned, yes you can kip your pull ups. Not on your PST though.

    My last bit of advice is that once you get closer to the event set aside a few days where you training off and on for 6-8 hours. Start out with your PST, then head into a Crossfit style workout, take a 30 min break then head into murph. Lastly go on a 8 mile ruck run with PT every few miles. This will give you a diverse training day and build your confidence for when the pressure is turned up.

    I hope that helps out:)


    Coach Mel

    Amanda Gall

    Coach Mel,
    Thank you (and thanks to Stace for asking) for posting thoughts on 20x training. This is super helpful! I’m also hoping you can give some direction as to how to prepare for that log. As a woman who will probably be on a log with mostly guys, I just want to be sure I’m prepping my push press and squat accordingly (eeeek!). What weight would you suggest getting comfortable with for large rep training? I know it’s hard to say exactly…

    Thank you!

    Coach Mel

    Ahhh the log! I love the log because the log doesn’t lie!if someone isn’t handling their load it makes the log unbearable for all. This you cannot prepare for other than make sure you are doing your part when it comes time! The log is sorted by height line so depending on your size, you will be with similar size campers. The log is all about the team:) I hope that eases your mind. Oh and your whole team will know if you aren’t doing your part on the log FYI.. and the coaches.

    The log is my favorite!

    Coach Mel

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