Obstacle Course Training Session

We were feeling like it was time for a team Crucible so we signed up for the upcoming Pala Spartan Sprint On Sept 18th.  We initially had our sites set on the 4+ hour 10 mile Battle Frog Race which got cancelled at the last minute.  As you all know, training for the event is half the fun so we thought we would give you a peek into how The SEALFIT Tribe trains for a Spartan.  Enjoy!

1 hour long.  

  • Look out bucket carry (600 meter hill)
  • 800 meter sprint
  • 75 meter Atlas ball carry
  • 400 meter sprint
  • monkey bars.. all the way across the outside rig and back ( 25 meters)
  • 800 meter sprint
  • 200 meter double sandbag carry
  • 50 meter bear crawl, 50 meter low crawl
  • 800 meter sprint
  • 10 wall hops (5 ft wall) 10 over unders with partner( Junkyard dogs)
  • 400 run
  • SEALFIT Platinum rig ( our secret weapon that you won’t see o this video)