Rope Climb Progression

July 2014 SEALFIT Monthly Challenge is 100 rope ascents in one day.

If you are struggling with your rope ascents here is Coach Melanie to take you through a progression so that you can feel confident with this skill. You can use this as a warm up when you are working ascents, or add this to your

Fun things to do with a Sand Bag!

Happy 4th of July!

Here, in North San Diego county, the 4th of July usually means spending the day at the beach with family and friends. And at SEALFIT HQ, when we think of the beach we think of sand bags. And the fun things you can do with a sand bag.

Watch Coach Divine and Coach Dave review the many variations you can do with a sand bag. Your creativity is your only limitation.

Exercises shown in this video, in order:
power clean
squat clean
back squat
sand bag get up
front squat
weighted run
overhead lunge
overhead squat
weighted sit up
weighted push up
Over the moon (rotational clean)
sand bag pass
jumping squats

So, if you are going to a beach, bring along an empty sand bag and see how creative you can get.

And if the beach is not in your plans, after your sand bag workout, spread around a little of the gritty goodness and practice your visualization techniques.

Hooyah! Train hard and have fun.

SEALFIT Challenge for July – Rope Ascents

So here is a little advanced notice for the SEALFIT Challenge for July. Straight from Coach’s mouth –

100 Rope Ascents in One Day!

So, to get you ready for that, watch Coach Melanie demonstrate the points of performance on a rope ascent with Coach Divine.

A few tips from Coach Mel:
– No gloves, it just makes you slip
– Long socks or boots, try to protect your ankles and shins from rope burn
– Shoes with grippy or chunky soles makes it a little easier, no slippery shoes
– Remember, this one is more in the legs and lower body than you would think. Use your legs!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Setting up your SEALFIT Gym

SEALFIT Exercise Equipment

If you are new to SEALFIT you will need some basic equipment. Here are our recommendations for a well equipped home gym.


Sand Bag (70 to 100 pounds – make or buy)

Pull-up bar

20# weight vest

Jump Rope

24″ Box Jump (make or buy)

set of Rings

45lb Olympic bar

Set of 10, 25, 35 and 45lb rubber bumper Olympic Plates

35lb and 55lb kettlebells

35lb dumbbells

20lb med ball

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